IB School System

The international baccalaureate (IB) programme aspires to do more than other educational systems. To phrase it simply, they aim to develop intelligent, inquiring and caring pupils who are motivated to thrive.
Today, the IB system is nationally on a rise.

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A research done by the IB world schools in Pakistan (IBPAK), states that there would be a total of 50 or more IB schools in Pakistan by the year 2020. The system encourages personal and academic growth, along with learning through hands on experience. Conventionally, topics on most subjects are taught through text books. With the IB system, there’s ample of room to be innovatory. Students learn concepts through inquiry, experiment and play.

The IB system offers programmes for three age groups,: the primary year programme (PYP), middle year programme (MYP), and the diploma programme (DP). As the stage moves forward, concepts are matured, assessment becomes more meticulous and teaching methods become more refined. However the basic element of learning through inquiry and experience remain perpetual. Experts refer to this as the perfect system for a ‘global citizen’.